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During the earliest days of the COVID-19 crisis, automotive headlines focused on the massive drop in vehicle demand. However, for over a year now, supply-side issues have become more of a concern. Despite unexpectedly high vehicle orders, a lack of automotive semiconductors is pushing OEMs to shut down manufacturing lines or drop some well-liked features, such as heated seats, from their product lines.

Client Challenges:

The client wanted to understand the list of strategic decisions taken by automotive manufacturers in order to increase their accessibility of semiconductor chips and overcome the challenges in the supply chain. The challenges include:

  • Improved short-term and long-term demand planning
  • Factors behind the escalating challenges in semiconductor supply
  • Potential/addressable market size for semiconductors chips market
  • The future growth rate for the required market
  • Key factors influencing the semiconductor chip manufacturers
  • Competitive analysis of leading market players
  • Consumer behavior and buying patterns in purchasing the vehicles (specially their demand)

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