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AI can totally change every industry. Possible benefits include things such as increased output, lower costs, better quality, and less downtime among others. Only a few large manufacturing gain from AI technology. Many small businesses need to understand how simple it is to acquire high-value, affordable AI solutions. Artificial intelligence has several potential applications in different industries owing to the enormous amount of data generated every day by industrial IoT and smart factories. To better assess data and make decisions, companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) tools namely deep learning neural networks and machine learning (ML).

Client Challenges

The client wants to analyze the opportunities regarding different low-cost AI solutions in terms of business expansion. The main objective of the client is to align their solution offerings with upcoming customer demands for better decision-making, low cost, increased efficiency, innovation and to gain a competitive advantage by staying at the forefront of technological advancements. The following are the requirements asked by the client:

  • Total addressable market size  (TAM) and YoY growth rate on both regional and country level
  • Current and future technological trends
  • Company comparative analysis of both leading and upcoming players including market share, trackable revenue, strategic initiatives, technological adoption, vendor selection criteria, and others
  • Market opportunities and attractiveness assessment
  • Key forces shaping the low-cost AI solutions for better outcomes in the forecast period
  • Regulatory requirements and compliance on the country level to avoid legal issues
  • Absolute dollar assessment by country
  • Navigating the complexities of integrating AI and ML technologies in manufacturing industries

Investment strategy and funding by different players

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