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(305) 747-96-22

"Baron Moving" is one of the most recognized and trusted local moving companies in South Florida. At "Baron Moving" we provide you with professional, friendly and cost effective moving services. From Broward, Fort Lauderdale, Miami-Dade, to West Palm Beach and surrounding areas, we are here to serve you. At Baron Moving our customers are part of our moving family.

From start to finish, your move is our number one priority. From statewide to out of state moves, you can depend on Moving Squad to make your move go as smooth as possible without breaking your budget.

Reasons why you should choose us connected with the reasons for which you do not want to use again the previous company's services:

Other companies will tell you about the moving low prices, but they forget to say about the ugly service, addicts and criminals as workers, the lack of packaging or a hole in the roof of the truck. Other companies will tell you about the impeccable quality, but the price of their services will upset you because it will be much higher than their service . We will tell you the truth. Our price is a fair deal. It's a deal that I would like to sign if looking for good service for a reasonable price.

Other companies like to talk about that that they do all the service themselves. In fact, they lie. First, they can load your property into a truck, and then they will bring to the warehouse, where it will gather dust while subcontractors will cast your property as firewood in the back and take it away. Your property will be damaged, but the subcontractor will say that it has been damaged during loading while the company that took money from you will say that the subcontractor damaged cargo. We do not love to confess tales. That truck in which we will load your property is the truck that you will see at the delivery. No cheating.

No company in the United States chooses so scrupulously staff as we do. Our people are well dressed, polite, prepared, experienced and have the best possible equipment. All employees are attentive to details and are ready to perform the tasks of any complexity. Perfection is unattainable, but we try to be close.

Our credo is to look at the order fulfillment process from a different angle than other companies do. We see a living human who needs our help, but not only a source of profit. We are looking for opportunities, optimal solutions and try to strictly follow the wishes of the client. We are human beings too.

Advantages of moving with Baromoving:
- We employ only decent and responsible loaders-packers, only polite and experienced managers.
- The fleet of our company consists exclusively of modern cars, specially equipped for safe transportation of furniture and things.
- We use only high quality packaging materials, guaranteeing the reliability of transportation and the success of the move in general.
- We have the largest regional network of moving representations in US and carry out long-distance transfers in the shortest terms.
- Becoming the first national mover of the US model, Baromoving creates the industry of civilized moving in our country.
- On the account of the company Baromoving thousands of professionally executed moves. For 12 years of work we know about moving everything!
- Moving with the team of Baromoving always has a positive emotional mood, because we know for sure that moving is a change for the better!

Relocate entails a lot of stress. We know this because I have done this many times. We will retain not only your time and money, but also your nerves and your health because we do not like when someone messes our mood. We do not want a lot for you ... just what we want for ourselves

"I worked in many different companies and saw a lot of customers which my bosses deceived.
Once we talked with my partner and he asked what didn’t I like?
I told him that I want to see moving that was carried out in such a way as if the company does it for themselves.
So this company appeared. We are doing our job unto others as we would have them do unto us."

John Rodney, CEO Baronmoving.